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Since our debut in May 2015, Shade Science has been offered at specialty retailers across the country.  

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We are currently accepting additional retailers and distributors to increase our domestic and global reach.  Also available in three select buying groups.  


Pool Buoy is a versatile, light-weight unit that provides Shade On-Demand in any body of water.  If your customers have above-ground, fiberglass or vinyl pools, this is perfect for them because it doesn't affix to the pool.  It floats with them.  And for in-ground pools, Pool Buoy is a less costly alternative to the anchored umbrella solutions.  It also doesn't require draining the pool, plus your customer can have shade anywhere they want it, instead of having to decide on the particular spot where they want to permanently have the shade.  Further questions?  Call!  210-858-8205


Pool Buoy Retailers Are Awesome.

Experts in their field - who always know the new stuff first

Resources and leaders on new innovative products 

Educators who enjoy relaying our company story to customers

Tinkerers that like the cool engineering and explaining how something works when it seems to be impossible

Creative in displaying the Pool Buoy - whether by putting the unit in the Pool/Hot Tub in the store, or getting creative to show the way the unit will float when used on a table or using our video

You Can Expect Support.

We are a small family owned business and we want you to succeed.  You can expect - 

Small Business Values - Communication with our staff, Quick Shipments and Flexibility 

Help Selling - Product Use and Training Videos, Point of Sale Materials, Social Media Support for sharing

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